6 Ways to Save Energy at Home

Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint? Below is a review on energy conservation tips and how you can lower your energy costs. For best and most effective results, these techniques should be adopted over a long period of time.

1. Avoid the use of incandescent bulbs

Many households have been using the incandescent bulbs since their conception in the 19th century. Although famous, these bulbs are quite inefficient when it comes to changing energy into light with as low as only 10% of energy being converted. To save energy and reduce costs, one should invest in energy saving bulbs that would use less energy to produce more light.

2. Seal all air leakage points

Air leakage point are sections of the house where air moves freely from inside the house to outside the house and vice versa. The existence of such points in the house can either allow the flow of cold air into the house or hot air outside of the house. This makes the use of heaters seem inefficient leading to the use of more energy to attain the desired effect. Sealing such points will help retain warmth in the house thus requiring less energy for heating.

3. Ensure that all your doors, windows and skylights are energy efficient

One of the major uses of energy is heating. However, this is affected by by outlets such as doors and windows that that facilitate the escape of heat from the house. By using energy efficient doors, windows and skylights, comfort is improved as energy costs reduce.This is because energy efficient outlets have a lower U-value of up to a third the normal outlets.

4. Maintain relatively lower temperatures in the house

Maintaining a room temperature that is similar to the outdoors will drastically reduce energy consumption. You are bound to use less energy since you are not competing with the outdoor temperatures. Purchase a thermostat that allows you to set your own settings as you deem necessary.

5. Conduct an audit for the energy used in the house

An energy audit is conducted to determine points of energy leaks. Without this audit, how else would you identify causes of massive energy usage? The energy audit is conducted by an expert to ensure credible results. Once the audit is completed and weaknesses determined, you can now move on to implement energy saving techniques in your house.

6. Switch off all unused electrical device

Children are advised to put their toys away when they are done playing. This same concept should be applied if one intends to save energy in the house. When not in use, all electrical appliances should be turned off. This may include switching off the TV when no-one is watching it, switching off lights in rooms that are not in use, switching off chargers when mobile phones, laptops and other chargeable devices are fully charged etc.

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